It’s not just a revolution, it’s an emotion for many like me.

The success of #IndiaWantsCrypto comes with the community, without their support, things would’ve been different. We will continue the movement aiming for positive regulation in India.

The challenge

India has been a software-centric nation for a long time, and cryptocurrency is just an extension of that technology, deemed to be the next big revolution. Cryptocurrency works with a ‘network effect model - the more the adoption, the higher its value. India has the potential to build its own blockchain network if it starts embracing this financial internet.

The masses are adopting cryptocurrency faster than the internet was adopted. India can definitely get an early-mover advantage here as it can have its own set of decentralized products built on blockchain. And through this head start, we can encourage local entrepreneurs and companies to build on this network.

Goals of the movement

Spreading awareness about cryptocurrency in India and creating an environment where cryptocurrency and blockchain can thrive.

Pushing for positive regulations through tweeting to the regulators, parliament members, and other decision-makers, every day

The approach

Pushing for positive regulations through tweeting to the regulators, parliament members, and other decision-makers, every day

Dear @arunjaitley @PMOIndia
Please bring positive regulations in Crypto and over 5 MILLION crypto Indians will be thankful to you. Youth of India have found a new way to make wealth & this is especially important when there are not enough jobs for everyone
#isupportcrypto 🙏

Dear @arunjaitley
The youth of India just want their right to participate in this global financial revolution called Crypto. Trust the youth, give them what they want & they’ll take India much, much ahead!
#IndiaWantsCrypto Jai Hind 🇮🇳

Crypto is a long term opportunity, just like the Internet. Network effect models take time to grow but once they catch up, they’re unstoppable. Crypto networks are racing towards critical mass.
Let’s keep BUIDLing. #IndiaWantsCrypto

Outcomes so far

Visibility to the Indian Government

On the 303th day, I was thrilled to get a positive response from Rajeev Chandrashekhar, a sitting Rajya Sabha MP.

Supreme Court of India overturned the banking ban

After 450 days of tweeting, on March 4th 2020,  the Supreme Court ruled in favor of progress, decentralization, and freedom by overturning the banking ban on cryptocurrency exchanges.

In lockdown, I was out of my job. I heard about crypto and tried to learn it. Really it stood by me in my bad days even though I am trying to learn it and it has given me a lot like I am earning very handsome money.
When everything was taken off and shut down last year due to covid, crypto was my main source of income. There wasn’t an office, no live shows—nothing. Proud to be a member of the crypto family.
My Blockchain experience started a year ago and I got into it thanks to a friend. I knew very less about trading and had a friend who kept telling me how it’s done. I took his tips and started investing on crypto. 3 months down and I realised that crypto was my calling. Kudos!

Be a part of this ongoing movement

Let’s work together for positive cryptocurrency regulation in India.

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