When you do not know your boundaries, you go beyond.

I love when products marry marketing!

Great ideas drive my hunger towards success. Once you get used to perfection, there’s no looking back. When products are marketed in the right way, it creates miracles.

My Favorites
Destination: Paris
Food: Sushi
Character: Joker (Heath ledger)
Book: Shoe dog

Get to know me better

I believe in need based entrepreneurship. Build a product you need, one that you would want to use.

Started as a software engineer and ended up being an entrepreneur

I got my hands on the entire Software Developer Life Cycle for a couple of years in Bangalore. I have always wanted to build something on my own, and experience first-hand how customers are feeling about the product. I started searching for similar opportunities, which took me to Mumbai. I came across this opportunity at a startup called Burrp.com, a restaurant review website. This startup exposure led me to believe firmly that anyone can build a product, even without being in a large company.

Graduated college in 2007
First job: Software engineer
Love exercising and Netflix-ing

You achieve something only when you start believing you can

I started devoting more time to my first startup which eventually became Crowdfire. Then I met Sameer and Sid, who also became the Co-founders. We realized our goals were aligned, grew it even bigger and all we wanted to do is build a global company. In 2017, I started figuring out other scopes revolving around decentralization and blockchain. That’s the same year the Bitcoin bull run began. It took me a week to buy my first Bitcoin. That’s when I realized there was a large gap that needed to be filled with making cryptocurrency accessible which led to building WazirX.

Started with JustUnfollow
Built WazirX
Built Crowdfire

With the cryptocurrency revolution, change in the FinTech industry is inevitable

The internet has about 4.73 billion users today. Cryptocurrency started with the onset of Bitcoin and major altcoins which on-boarded 120 million users. And nowadays you hear about NFTs a lot  which would onboard billions of users. I believe cryptocurrency will touch the lives of everyone on the internet eventually. Like everyone on the internet today has an email account, in future, everyone will own a cryptocurrency wallet. Today there are two big reasons for people to own a crypto wallet - for buying an NFT, or to trade cryptocurrencies. Tomorrow, there might be 10 such big reasons.

BUIDLing decentralized exchange
Growing Indian NFT creators and collectors

Awards and accomplishments

When your efforts are recognized, you know people are liking your work.

Forbes 30 under 30
Inspiring CEO’s award by ET

In the news

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I think the millennials today have the advantage of being an early mover experiencing the crypto boom. I believe you should not let go of that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 10-20 years from now, you will realize how lucky you were to be right at the center of this revolution. Grab the opportunity and try to find ways in which you can participate in this.

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