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Crypto can end financial inequality

Believe it or not, Bitcoin is real now

Today, there are over 100M people in the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin’s value is derived from the network that it has been able to create.

The Internet has 4.73B people. Bitcoin is accessible to every one of them. Just a matter of time.

Most people are still in disbelief that decentralised digital assets can be created. You can’t blame them as this was considered impossible 12 years ago. Satoshi Nakamoto changed all that with invention of Bitcoin. Believe it or not, it’s real now.

Internet companies realise they can integrate a global solution to transfer value instantly. It’s called Bitcoin.

Some use cases which fiat cannot fulfil for global audience
- Tipping on Twitter
- One click Browser payment
- Micropayments

Why Gold?

Traditionally, it’s been seen as a pure store of value because
1. Rare
2. Accepted everywhere 
3. Liquidity

However, a few things have been debatable
1. Original/Fake
2. Storage/mobility
3. Ease of transaction

Bitcoin solves these.

Bitcoin at $50,000 is a psychological price point that builds investor confidence. 2021 has turned out to be great year for crypto. Crypto adoption has been increasing every month. Look forward to even more adoption this year thanks to DeFi, NFT etc.

Bitcoin started as a retail dominated asset class. Now it’s gaining acceptance at corporates. Companies around the world have started accumulating Bitcoin. The next few years of Bitcoin growth will be dominated by institutional adoption. You’re early.

Markets overplay sensational news and underplay real innovation.

Twitter integrating Bitcoin is a massive step forward for crypto. But seems like negative news has precedence over positive. We have a long way to go in crypto education.


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