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Crypto can end financial inequality

2021 is the year of NFT

With every boom and bust cycle, new technology grows stronger.

NFTs are still highly experimental. They do show a glimpse of a future where online ownership > offline. You’re early in this space, learn as much as possible.

NFT is a major use case of Crypto. The youth spend most of their time online. They’ve found ways to earn & get recognition online.

It’s about time we started “owning” online assets and property.

NFT is solving digital ownership. In NFT, digital images & video seem to be the default options. However, NFT will grow beyond these.
1. Digital land
2. Digital avatars
3. Digital authority

Multiple more unimagined use cases will emerge as NFT space matures. Exciting times ahead.

Traditionally, an artist gets paid only once for their art. When the art gets popular & expensive, artists make nothing. NFT is changing that. Artists have opportunity to be involved in the growth of their art forever. Welcome to crypto, art community

$1B+ in NFTs were sold in last week of August 2021.

Bitcoin took 8 years to go mainstream.
Smart Contracts took 5 years.
DeFi & NFT have taken just 3 years.

Every new Crypto tech is getting adoption faster than previous one. Signs of rapid adoption. Innovation in the beginning is never taken seriously. Bitcoin was ridiculed and those using it were made fun of. NFTs today are in a similar situation. It’s easy to make fun of the NFT space.

History teaches us not to underestimate innovation.

web 3.0

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