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Crypto can end financial inequality

Crypto can help India realise its $5T economy goal

The reason India has progressed so well until now is because we’ve embraced innovation. As a nation, we should double down on what works. Which means, embrace even more innovation.

Crypto is one such innovation that has the potential to grow our economy. Crypto is a $1.5T market. It is poised to grow 10X to $15T in ten years. If India does not participate then India loses a large market to other countries. 

Crypto can help India realise its $5T economy goal. We should compete and grow our economy . Embracing & adopting technology is one of the fastest way for our nation’s economy to grow.

With Crypto, we have a wealth creation opportunity for millions of Indians.

Countries that bring in positive crypto regulations will see a rapid increase in their economy. It’s good that India is working on a crypto bill. However, most important aspect of a crypto bill is to involve the crypto industry

Hope that happens soon.


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